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Moss Meister Cleaning Specialists

If you are looking for high quality steam washing cleaning services then look no further. Whether it is to clean driveways, wooden decking in gardens or to restore garden furniture we can be sure to meet any requirement to an exceptional standard.

Why do it yourself when you can call the experts? It takes more than elbow grease to shift all of the grime and we have the experience and professional equipment to restore outdoor areas to their former glory.

Our long list of domestic and commercial customers is proof that we get results every time without fail, with previous clients reporting amazing results, great value for money and the highest standard workmanship. So rather than suffer looking at dirty surfaces any longer, why not call in the professionals?

Although the process differs slightly from block paving to pattern imprinted concrete to tarmac etc, the basic principles of driveway cleaning remain the same. We use an advanced cleaning system on all driveways, eliminating and minimising mess. The cleaner is ensures the correct flow rate for the specific surface type:

Step 1

Surface preparation, remove any plant pots, wheelie bins etc.. all loose debris can then be swept clear. Lift any drain channel grates, remove debris and check the drains.

Step 2

The driveway is then cleaned thoroughly, removing all weeds, algae, moss, etc.. All drainage channels and drains are checked and cleaned if need be.

Step 3

Now the driveway has been cleaned of all weeds, dirt, moss etc.. we check for tyre marks, oil and other stains which may not have been visible on first inspection. Any such staining that is found will be treated with the appropriate cleaning detergent and re-cleaned.

Step 4

For monoblock driveways, kiln dried sand is applied to the driveway to fill the joints between the blocks and any excess is brushed away leaving the driveway looking new again.

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Our sealing service is suitable across most hard landscape types, Monoblock, Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Sandstone, Clay, Granite etc..

Driveway sealing is a great way to restore and prolong the life of driveways and paving, however we do not believe the additional service to be of benefit to all domestic customers. We will advise during the quote the suitability of monoblock sealing for your property and state the reasons why.

Moss Meister Cleaning Specialists only use the highest quality sealants that are appropriate for your surface type this will be determined during the quote. All our sealants are 'high solids resin' offering the very best in paving protection, all driveways regardless of surface type will have two coats applied.

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At Moss Meister Cleaning Specialists, we also off a repair and restoration service. Over time the elements together with the growth of weeds, tree roots, subsidence, heavy traffic or just bad workmanship, monoblock and pattern imprinted concrete etc, can suffer serious damage. Eventually if left the problems may become irreversible.

Pointing can crack and become dislodged, slabs and blocks can sink or wobble. All of which will start to look unsightly, not to mention becoming a hazard to anyone using the area

We offer a full repair and restoration service from re-setting a couple of sunken blocks to complete overhauls including driveway sealing and re-coloring of faded and worn driveways.

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By washing your roof, Moss Meister Cleaning Specialists will thoroughly remove moss, algae, lichen and all other forms of fungi that have contaminated your roof over the years. Throughout the roof cleaning process we will protect your downpipes and clean your gutters of any residue from the roof. Steam cleaning does not damage the roof tiles. Modern cleaners have controls to suit the different surfaces to be cleaned. Apart from the obvious benefits to a clean roof, there are many more serious reasons to remove the build up of moss from your roof:

• Moss algae and lichens on the roof absorb and retain water

• Roof tiles that are wet consistently will become porous

• A build up of too much moss, could lead to broken tiles

• Constantly wet roof tiles will lead to much greater problems such as damp rot throughout the structure.

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• Roof Repairs
• UPVC Repairs
• Dry Verges
• Dry Ridges

A roof makes up around one-third of a building’s total exterior. Any damage can seriously compromise the integrity of your home. Roof repair is when you remove all the existing roof material down to the decking.

This is done to achieve two things:

• To find wet or water stained wood guarantees that the problem is corrected.
• To replace rotted or water damaged wood helps in the restoration of the roof.

If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, it's time to repair or maybe even replace it.

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